Design and Development of Web-Based Applications
Development of Climate Finance Knowledge Hub (A website that creates a Platform for Climate Smart value chain actors).

The main object of the assignment is to develop a web-based platform that would serve as a central place where financial institutions and climate smart enterprises can access information of climate finance, funding sources, green business opportunities and prospects. Furthermore, to furnish the website with an ecosystem of the value-chain of climate smart enterprises through desk reviews and useful contacts.

Design and Development of Website for Ghana Microfinance Institutions Network (GHAMFIN)

The overall objective is to design and develop a website integrated with a database that supports training management and delivery.

Design and Development of Website and ICT Based Resource Centre for Ghana Audit Service (GAS)

The specific objectives were to:

⦁ Assist GAS to develop a website that enabled GAS post copies of the Auditor’s General Reports and other relevant information to Parliament and the General Public, therefore making information from GAS easily accessible through the World Wide Web (internet).

⦁ Assist GAS to establish an ICT Based Resource Centre which enabled GAS staff to access websites of other Supreme Audit Institutions (SAI) across the world, thereby keeping abreast with modern auditing techniques in public sector auditing and international auditing standards.