RIMCS Consult is a comprehensive consulting firm that integrates a full range of consulting capabilities to help clients resolve their challenges and problems, make the right choices and investment in order to achieve their vision effectively and efficiently.

At RIMCS our approach to consultancy transcends the conventional way of consulting. We work with our clients to provide dynamic solutions that enhance quality growth for their businesses.

Notwithstanding the nature and complexity of the assignment, RIMCS will handle with the utmost confidentiality and professionalism along with the highest degree of energy and enthusiasm.

The team of consultants at RIMCS are all experts’ practitioners with deep and broad experience in their areas of expertise. The depth of experience, combined with the way we work, gives us confidence and clarity about our client business which in turn allows us to focus all our efforts on making a strategic difference with our clients.

Our approach to website/application development is that we pay particular attention to the client’s requirements by listening carefully and understanding their needs.

We focus on creativity, security, integrity, scalability and dynamic solutions that reflect the clients’ corporate image and future aspirations.

In the area of research. We believe, research information has limited value unless it is collected and published in a usable form and presented to those who may apply it. For these reasons our policy on research and survey is that we do not assume that the job is finished when the experimental or analytical phase has been completed. We are mindful of our responsibilities as consultants and are always prepared to work with the client to deliver results that are worthwhile and will achieve the objectives of the study. We believe that the only way to convey these thoughts is by writing a good report.

We understand that, the five major stages of report preparation include the following: Gathering and validating the data (or developing the theory), Analyzing and sorting the results, Outlining the report, Writing the draft and Revising the draft after stakeholder consultations.

Our training and facilitation are unique in that they rely heavily on participants’ feedback. 

Consequently, it’s not just about the content or the exercises but the methodology and facilitation skills which bring all the learning aspects together to create a meaningful change in a participant.

We also take time to profile and understand our participants and prepare thoroughly to create a well-structured program which best fits their needs.

Our distinctive  engaging and participative approach to training and facilitation ensures participants’ “buy-in” and commitment to learning on sound adult education principles, which focuses on the inherent strengths and competencies of the individual.

The type of training organized by RIMCS tends to focus on behavioural learning techniques. This form of training is conducted with smaller groups, allowing for greater discussion and evaluation of models to entrenched real understanding as opposed to classroom rigid based learning.

Our main approach and methodology to all assignment stems from the project management methodology. Through experiences and training, we have learnt that Project management methodologies not only help in developing such applications/systems but also ensure that the end product meets the client’s requirements.

Recent Projects

Ghana TVET Market Research Study- Client, OI/WUSC